Tizzy, 2yo GSD x Collie



Tizzy is a 2 year old German Shepherd crossed with a Border Collie and displays traits of both breeds.

Tizzy finds new environments daunting and is not used to walking near busy traffic; tractors and buses terrify her but rather than run away she will lunge at them. Anything the moves suddenly can really startle Tizzy and we’re trying to help her, although she is quite anxious and is finding the kennel environment quite stressful.

Tizzy is such a sweet girl and any love she receives will be returned tenfold. She had been left at home for long periods before she was brought to us and as a result she would like a home where someone is home most of the day. Any new owner should have experience with dogs and be prepared to help her with further training and confidence building, she is not for the first time dog owner!

Tizzy cannot be re-homed with children under 12. Tizzy will chase cats or any other small furry animals.