Seamus, 10yo Toy Poodle

Seamus was owned from a pup by a lady whom in recent years has developed dementia. As a result of his owner’s ill health Seamus was becoming increasingly stressed and began guarding his owner. He initially showed some aggression towards staff here, he’s quite an anxious wee guy and is still not comfortable when new people try to touch him.

Seamus has required extensive dental veterinary attention since his arrival and was thought to be in a lot of discomfort – since the operation he has been less snappy so hopefully as his gums improve so too will his short temper!

We’ve had Seamus out with a couple of other dogs here at the kennels and he is fine with them but he does bark at other dogs when he sees them in the vets waiting room!

Seamus has never been around cats or children.

Come and meet Seamus