Jasper, 9mo Cocker x

Jasper is a 9 month old Cocker Spaniel cross, he was sold as a Cockerpoo but there isn’t much poo to be seen! We believe he’s more likely a Sprocker.

Jasper is a sweet wee guy but is very very high energy! His elderly owners took him to training classes from a pup but sadly they just couldn’t give him the exercise he needs. Jasper is not for the first time dog owner, he will need someone with experience of Spaniels or other working breeds.

He is good with other dogs but may test the patience of an older infirm dog, he’d just love another high energy pal to run around with! Jasper cannot be rehomed with cats or other small furry animals. Jasper is not used to children and does get very over excited so we would prefer any children in his new home to be at least 8 years old – and used to dogs.

Come and meet Jasper
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