Cora, 2yo Jack Russell

Cora arrived as a stray, abandoned at the roadside and in a very poor condition, very underweight with sore eyes and disgustingly long nails. The vet estimates she is approximately 2 years old.

Given the neglect she has suffered Cora was very scared on arrival, it took us days to get in the kennel beside her and a few days longer just to touch her. Now she is very comfortable with staff but still unsure of new people, once she knows you she loves jump all over your lap and lick your face!

Cora is still so anxious with other dogs so we’re unsure if she’ll be friendly going forward, once she gains some confidence. Being a terrier we would assume she will chase cats or other small furry animals so it’s probably better there are no other pets at home. We do not rehome stray dogs to families with children under 12 anyway but it would be preferable if she wasn’t exposed to young children in the first few weeks of settling in her new home as children can be loud and unpredictable.

Cora’s new home should have a very secure (she’s very small and can fit through very small spaces) garden where she can feel safe to explore off lead and help master her house training.

Please be reminded that whomever takes Cora will likely have to make a few visits to the kennels to gain her trust before they take her home.

Although timid she’s still a young dog with lots of energy so we would like her to go to an active home where she can eventually catch up with the time she’s missed being a puppy.

Come and meet Cora
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