Sonny, 5yo Lab x Husky

Sonny has had a tough life, he’s had at least 4 homes that we know of. Sonny was rehomed by us in October last year, sadly his new owner has had to go back to his home country and couldn’t take Sonny with him. Sonny is pretty clever, quickly working out how to open all kinds of doors. He’s happy to be left at home for a couple of hours at a time, just make sure you’ve locked the doors or he’ll be out after you! When Sonny arrived last year he wasn’t great with other dogs, his owner advised us that he’s worse on lead than off but of course any new owner would have to be sensible about introductions and letting him off the lead, certainly for the first few months. His lead manners are pretty good and the dog walkers are fond of him. Although he is quite excitable when he sees other dogs, cats or even sheep!! Sonny cannot be rehomed with cats, he killed a cat in his last home. Sonny is a big strong boy and so we believe that he really needs to be around children at least 10 years of age – they’re harder to knock over! Come and meet Sonny
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