Tilly, 7yo Border Terrier X

Tilly was brought in by her owner because she suffers from separation anxiety and had also started bullying the other dog in the home.

Tilly does not like to be left at home and needs an owner(s) who are home most of the time. Tilly is a wee bit shy so she would likely prefer a quiet home where she can be the only dog as she’s not comfortable around other dogs. Tilly will bark and lunge at other dogs when out walking so she’d be happier living in an area that isn’t densely populated with other dogs.

She has lived with a dog-savvy cat but would chase any others she met so any cat would have to be dog-savvy and agile enough to get out the way certainly while they got to know eachother.

Tilly has been around children but given her timidness the children must be used to dogs and respectful of them.

Come and meet Tilly
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