Minnie, 6yo Bull type Crossbreed


Darling Minnie is our longest resident and has been with us since October 2017. A bonny big girl she is a delight to have in the kennels but she shouldn’t be here, she deserves a loving home with an experienced dog owner who is partial to handing out regular belly rubs.

Minnie is particularly protective of her home and is unsure of new people but will growl to let you know she’s not happy. We’ve learned that her first owner had tried to make her aggressive towards people and the poor girl is just a bit confused. Minnie has bitten on one occasion previously, which we don’t hold against her and will be happy to discuss in private, but because of this she will not suited to homes with children, only as a precaution, not because she is a child eating monster! 🙂

Minnie’s previous owner advised she’d had a couple of bad experiences with other dogs and can become defensive, something we’re trying to help her with. Minnie definitely prefers dogs to bitches and plays beautifully with some of the boys here. Minnie will need her own secure garden (not a drying green or shared garden and with a fence of 6ft) where she can have regular exercise off lead.

Minnie has met cats and is disinterested in them but we would always recommend a house with a dog-savvy cat – just in case!

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