Persie Distillery launches Spaniel Gin

PADS sponsor Simon Fairclough is an expert sniffer – just like his seven year old Cocker Spaniel Nellie. However, while Nellie’s snout detects a thousand scents at any given time, Simon’s nose is confined to the subtle aromas of his expertly flavoured gins. Perthshire entrepreneur Simon, who is boss and founder of PERSIE GIN, now a well-known range of exclusive aromatic drinks, has just launched the second of his dog-breed creations, the ‘bright and lively’ spaniel gin, based upon the character of wee dogs just like Nellie.

Simon and PERSIE became PADS main sponsor earlier this year when Simon launched the first dog gin, lovingly scented and distilled to reflect the laid back nature of the Labrador. Already the Lab gin is becoming a favourite amongst connoisseurs of the drink. Another aromatic dog gin will be launched early next year. The identity of the breed remains a secret until its debut in the spring.

In the meantime drinkers can enjoy the Lab and the Spaniel gins, the sales of which will help PADS to the tune of £1 per bottle. Thus, enthusiasts of the PERSIE brand know that with every delicious sip they are helping to rescue and re home Perthshire’s abandoned dogs. This is Simon’s way of giving something back to the animals he loves. PADS vice chair, Alison Kennedy said, “We are delighted to be in this charity partnership with Simon and his craft distillery, which has already won awards for its gins. We wish him luck with the Spaniel one! I have never been a gin drinker myself, but I must admit that having sniffed the exciting aroma of this new one I am certainly tempted!”

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