Boris, 20 month old Newfoundland X

Boris is a very big, strong boy. Born in Latvia he is almost certainly crossed with a Newfoundland, the other breed could perhaps be some kind of sight hound. His elderly owners had adopted him in the summer of this year and had him at training classes where he did well, however he is incredibly strong and is desperate to chase wildlife which given their rural location meant for quite stressful walks as it was unsafe to let him off lead. Boris will therefore need a strong owner who can hold on in the meantime while they continue teaching him recall. Boris likes other dogs, he’s very vocal and some dogs are intimidated by him due to his size however we have been assured that he’s very friendly. Boris has never been around cats and his reported prey drive suggests that it probably isn’t a good idea! He has been introduced to, but never lived with, children of 8 years of age and given his size that’s probably a minimum size for him – harder to bowl over! Come and meet Boris
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