Lassie 15mo GSD x Lurcher


Lassie was brought in by her owners family as her owner was unable to cope due to poor health.

Lassie is a big boisterous girl with loads of energy who has never been discouraged from jumping up and will headbutt you at any given opportunity! Therefore, at this time, she is not suitable around anyone who is unsteady on their feet or any little children.

Lassie has not been walking regularly on lead and so this will need work going forward, training classes will likely be helpful to help her control her excitement around new dogs and people.

Lassie has been living with a family member in a rural location for a few months with another dog, cats, chickens and around livestock and has reportedly been fine around them. Although any new owner would be expected to use caution and common sense! She’s been ok around other large dogs she’s met here at the kennels.

She travels well in the car and is used to travelling on buses too.

Lassie should have access to her own private garden with at least a 6ft fence.

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