Chica, 1yo Mongrel

Chica is originally from Spain and has been in Scotland 1 month. The family and their two elderly dogs found her too much and have reluctantly brought her here to be rehomed.

Chica is a mongrel, we do not know what dogs are in there but we’d hazard a guess that there’s a lot of terrier given her body language and behaviour.

She’s very sweet but a little shy around new people at first, she loves other dogs but has not been tested around cats. She’s not used to very small children but children of school age will be fine provided they are used to dogs.

Chica has not had the basic training a dog needs and so an experienced owner would be preferred. She does not know how to walk on a lead and her recall is non-existent out and about.

Chica will need her own private and secure garden at this time.

Come and meet Chica
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