Jess, 3yo Border Collie

Jess is a sweet but very shy girl, she was bought online by a family with another dog and a child. Sadly, Jess was terrified of the 3 year old child and bit her so the family brought her to us.

Jess has not had the basic training a dog needs and so an experienced owner would be preferred. She has been walked on a lead but will need a wee refresher and her recall is non-existent out and about. Therefore, Jess will need her own private and secure garden at this time.

Jess is scared of the brush (hence all the fluff on her hips) but we’re currently working on this and any new owner should be mindful of this.

Jess enjoys the company of other dogs but is scared of the more boisterous ones.

Jess will not be re-homed with children.

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