Gyp, elderly Jack Russell

Gyp is an old girl, at the very least she is 10 years of age. Gyp has been a gamekeepers dog and has spent her life living in a kennel. She’s got old lady lumps and bumps and grade 4 heart murmur so is just looking for somewhere chilled to live out the rest of her life.

Gyp has never been on a lead and finds the idea quite scary, we’ll try and help her with this while she’s here but any potential adopter should be mindful of this. Gyp should therefore have a nice private and secure garden to romp around in rather than have to go for a big walks every day.

Gyp is fine with other dogs but her previous owner said she’s not suited around cats and other small furries. She’s been exposed to children but has never lived with them, so older, dog safe children would be recommended.

Come and meet Gyp
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