Roma, 5yo Border Collie


Little Roma was abandoned in woodland before Christmas. For over 10 weeks people tried to catch her but her fear of humans allowed her to evade capture. She was eventually caught with a trap after she regularly was seen to visit a property with dogs.

Our feeling is that she has been a failed working sheepdog but of course neglect and abuse in a domestic environment cannot be ruled out.

Roma has been in our kennels for 5 months and has shown little progress in regards to her fear of people. She is not aggressive and will allow you to handle her but she doesn’t really enjoy it and certainly doesn’t seek affection. She was taken to the vets to be spayed in a crate as she finds all new experiences terrifying and her first reaction every time is to run away as fast as she can!

A member of staff has recently begun fostering Roma and she is seeing much improvement of her within her home, she is no longer afraid of the fridge and doors but new noises alarm her every time. Outside, when back in the kennel yard Roma’s still incredibly flighty and will not approach any other members of staff while in the yard although is starting to come to us in the office – on her terms!

Anyone interested in adopting Roma must understand that she will NEVER be safe to be offlead and therefore her new home should have a lovely large and well secured garden for her to have off lead exercise.

Roma enjoys the company of other dogs and we feel that having another, more confident dog, in her new home could really help her come around.

As Roma is being fostered and is also incredibly shy she is not available to view by drop in. We will conduct a short telephone interview with potential adopters and viewings will be by appointment only.

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