Buddy, 1yo Beagle


Buddy arrived from his owner due to behavioural issues.

Having been taken on by the family to help a friend, Buddy has since become unpredictable around the children in the home and the family thought it best to rehome him before anything serious happened. Because of this, Buddy will not be rehomed to families with children less than 12 years of age.

Buddy is crate trained and can be left for 2-3 hours before he starts to become distressed, if he is not crated he will be destructive and noisy. If you aren’t familiar with the Beagle sound, look it up, it’s distinctive, and loud!

Although very attractive, Beagles have incredibly strong sense of smell and can not be trusted off lead, you must therefore be committed and able to give them him two decent, scent driven, walks every day. If his new family have the disposable income to consider a private dog walking field every so often this would also so be advantageous. His new home should have his own private and secure garden to allow him safe play time off lead.

Buddy loves other dogs, has never met a cat and is scared of horses.

Come and meet Buddy
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