Tyson, 1yo Beagle

Tyson has been returned to us after being homed back in November. Arriving as a stray in the first instance we don’t have any information on his previous life.

The family who adopted Tyson tried very hard to make it work, they sought advice from professionals and both the family and the professional felt that they could not meet his needs primarily because they lived on a busy residential street where Tyson was constantly overwhelmed with cars, people and dogs.

It would appear that whomever has had Tyson as puppy did not instill boundaries or perhaps, as is so common these days, he’s spent most of his early life in a crate as in the house he’s jumping up at the kitchen worktops, clambering on the furniture, stealing things and does not understand nor want to be told not to, he has snapped on occasion when the family have tried to stop these problem behaviours. But they also want us to stress that he is incredibly affectionate and playful and is happy to welcome visitors to the home.

Outside and on a lead, he’s incredibly wary of cars, dogs and new people. He will bark and lunge and will explode with frustration. There was an occasion where he did bite the owner when they were trying to block another dog from getting to him. When meeting dogs in a calm environment such as a vets waiting room he can meet dogs and people happily but being outside just sends his anxiety through the roof. This being the professional opinion of both the dog trainer and vet behaviourist.

He and Daisy have a really sweet little friendship and play beautifully together.

What kind of home are we looking for?
Someone familiar with the breed or similar breeds. We believe it would be in his best interests to be in an adult only home, he will tolerate children but given his anxiety and his unsuitability to be walked by children. Being a Beagle, and not reknowned for their reliability offlead, he must have his own private garden for off lead exercise. For now, he will need walked off the beaten track – he and his new family are not going to enjoy a public park in the near future although with the right help there’s hope that in time he’ll learn to cope around other dogs. He can do it in a calm environment so he just needs his confidence built in the big wide world.

If you’re interested in learning more about Tyson please contact us, you will be required to fill in an adoption application form before visiting the kennels. Applications will close once we find a suitable applicant.

If you would like to register your interest in adopting a PADS dog please download, complete and return the adoption application form by email or post to:

Adoption Applications, PADS, Forteviot Kennels, Forteviot, Perth, PH2 9BS

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