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PADS (Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society) is a well-loved, long established local dog rescue charity with kennels at Forteviot, a few miles south-west of Perth in Scotland.

Our aim is to provide care and shelter for the county’s unwanted dogs and to find them new loving homes. Our kennels, which were renovated in recent years, can house up to thirty animals in warmth and comfort.

We provide veterinary care for the sick and injured amongst our strays and we have a small hospital unit which is used for the recovery of animals who have had operations. It also contains a ‘mother and baby unit’ where new mums can care for their puppies in a safe and relaxed environment.

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Since PADS formed in September 1985

The charity has rehomed thousands of abandoned dogs.

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History of Perthshire Abandoned Dogs Society (PADS)

PADS was formed in September 1985 by Perthshire animal lover Sylvia Hales. Sylvia led a group of people concerned about the terrible conditions in the Perth dog pound where strays were kept at the time. The pound was filthy, cold and crowded and many of the dogs rescued died of infections they had caught there.

The aim of this group was to replace the pound with clean, warm, properly staffed kennels where no animal would be put to sleep unless it was vicious or incurably sick and suffering. New homes were to be found for all other dogs and those who could not find a new life would remain at PADS.

A year later, with the help of generous donations and a mortgage which was quickly repaid, PADS was able to buy a disused railway station and build the kennels. The dream had been fulfilled, the dreaded pound was closed forever and the charity was appointed by Perth and Kinross Council to take over the care of stray dogs for the statutory period of seven days. 

After that, the dog’s became PADS responsibility to care for and rehome. Now, as then, all dogs are immunised and neutered before they go to their new human companions.

In the 32 years since the charity was formed, PADS has rehomed thousands of abandoned dogs. The cost of running the kennels has risen to between £80,000 and £90,000 a year, money which is raised by donations, legacies, the sale of dogs to new homes and PADS own fundraising efforts.

As for households, the costs are continually rising and this is not likely to change in the near future. Keeping our heads above water, so to speak, is a constant preoccupation and we also have to prepare for a future which may see even more animals cast out onto the scrapheap.

Our kennels are run by a staff of four, who are experts in the rehoming process and skilled at matching a dog to a human.