Rehoming Process

If our staff think you and your chosen dog are a suitable match, you will be given any advice you need on feeding, exercise and will be told of any problems you may have to overcome with your new dog.

It is impossible to know the full background of every dog who comes to us, but they are all assessed and are, to the best of our knowledge, able to join a household.

You will be asked questions about your work situation and if the dog will be left alone during the day. You will also be asked about your family and lifestyle, for example, some dogs are not happy with small children around. You will be charged a fee of £150.00 for the dog, this is inclusive of neutering, vaccinations, microchipping, worming and flea treatment.

After a few weeks, a PADS after care visitor will contact you and come along to check that both human and dog are happy together.

Pug sitting and looking at the camera, isolated on white

At PADS we help to rehome neglected, abused, hungry and sick dogs

All in the hope that they will find new lives with people who care.

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If you don’t look after your new dog properly

If PADS feels that the dog is not being looked after properly, we reserve the right to take the dog back into our care. But hopefully, that will not happen.

In the unlikely event that the new owner cannot cope with the dog, PADS will take the dog back and try to find it another home.

Since the charity formed in 1985, there have been thousands of PADS dogs rehomed in Perthshire in the last three decades and we hope that our dogs will continue to find good homes in this big-hearted county of dog lovers!

When choosing, remember, take your time and take advice. We want both of you to be happy!