PADS News – Issue 1 2019

The welfare and safety of the dogs who come to us, some of whom have been badly treated or neglected, are our top priority. We shelter them and care for them until they find new homes. Next year PADS will celebrate its 30th anniversary and by then the number of dogs we have helped will be very near 8,000. This past year we have managed to renovate outside runs at our main kennel block and also have cleared a site to give dogs in quarantine a free run area where they can exercise or just laze around in the sunshine! We are hoping to refurbish the quarantine block itself early next year. This is important as it is the first place lost or abandoned dogs come to after they are picked up by dog wardens or police. Often, they are scared and disorientated and we want to make them as comfortable as we can until they settle down to kennel routine.

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