Cassy, 6yo German Shepherd

Cassy arrived after her owner became too poorly to care for her.

Cassy will need need an experienced German Shepherd owner, familiar with their operatic like tones!

She hasn’t been socialised much, so a quieter home with few visitors would probably suit her best. We’re seeing improvements here around new people but it will take time and plenty patience in her new home while she settles.

Cassy did live with a male Labrador and they played nicely together but she’s not so friendly with new dogs she meets while out and about, she is usually walked on a Halti style lead and as she can’t be off lead in a public place would love her own, private and secure, garden where she can exercise and toilet safely.

Cassy has met a couple of cats in her life and didn’t try to harm them but has never lived with one.

Cassy is too nervous and jumpy to be re-homed around children.

Come and meet Cassy