Tye the Staffie

Tye the Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Tye was with PADS for just over a year. All the staff at the kennels adored him. He was affectionate, intelligent, playful, great with people and friendly to other dogs. But his big, happy face with the famous Staffie smile failed to charm anyone and for all these months he watched sadly as folk passed him by. Then along came Darren Petrie (26) and Caroline Mann (24) in search of a dog to share with them their new home in Perth. One might have thought they would have been put off by the fact that big Tye was a Staffie, a breed much maligned due to no fault of their own. But this was not the case! Darren said : “I spotted him right away and we took him for a wee walk. That was it. He came home with us and he has been fantastic ever since. He may look like a tough guy, but in reality he is just a big softy and full of fun. He enjoys life to the full, loves children and other dogs, adores us and couldn’t be a better dog. When we sit down to watch TV after our evening meal, Tye comes up on the settee and cuddles in to Caroline with his head on her shoulder. We could not have found a more lovable dog and I hope that many more people take on a Staffie for they don’t know what they are missing! They do not deserve their reputation, believe me!”
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