Sunny, 4-year-old, Husky – Labrador

Sunny is a 4-year-old Husky –┬áLabrador. Sunny has had at least 4 homes through no fault of his own, with his latest being just 8 months. Sunny is just gorgeous to look at, with striking icy blue eyes. Sadly, following routine castration earlier on this year Sunny’s behaviour has changed and he’s become fearful around new dogs.

While he used to be great with other dogs it is thought that the drop in testosterone has made him fearful and reactive and as a result, his female owner has struggled to cope while out walking. We’re hoping that while he is with us we can help him gain confidence around new dogs but we would prefer that his new home was not in an area with lots of dogs around so he can be introduced to dogs in a calm and controlled manner.

Sunny cannot be rehomed with cats or any other animals.

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