Murphy, 2yo Patterdale X


Murphy was found as a stray early December. When Murphy was first found the lady who found him kept him for a couple of weeks in the hope of an owner being traced, sadly no one ever came forward to claim him and he was brought to us just before Christmas. While being cared for by the finder he was found to be a lovely house guest.

We believe he is a Patterdale x Poodle, a Pattapoo if you like!

Murphy is a friendly wee guy but is wary of new people initially. He has shown some aggression towards dogs here in the kennels, although the finder reports he was fine with a friends dog they introduced him to so perhaps this is something that can be overcome outwith the kennel environment.

Murphy’s new home MUST have a dog proofed garden, he loves to do zoomies but can’t be relied upon to come back.

As Murphy was a stray our policy is that we cannot rehome him to families with children in the home under 12 years of age.

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