Rocco, 1yo Husky

Rocco had at least 3 homes before he arrived with us at PADS, Rocco was re-homed by us in March but sadly returned because he and the other dog in the house started fighting.

His adopted family tell us he was a lovely house guest, good with people and children. He did chase the cats initially but the cats knew to keep out of the way and things soon settled down. We would prefer children in his new home to be of school age.

Rocco is a high energy young Husky who is desperate to run but can never be let off lead, an ideal candidate for Cani-x! Rocco will need his own private garden (not shared) to romp around in safely off lead – the fences should be 6ft tall all round. Like a lot of Huskies, Rocco doesn’t like to be left for long periods of time and does cry when left – so his new home will need understanding, deaf or no neighbours! Rocco is not suited to apartment living.

We have found this wonderful article about Huskies and ownership of them by Laurna McKie, please see the full link here but see the excerpt below:

I am not a Wolf; I left that life behind many years ago
I am not a Pit Bull; I only fight when I need to
I am not a German Shepherd; Your commands lack urgency in my world
I am not a Rottweiler; Your possessions mean very little to me
I am not a Golden Retriever; What I retrieve, I keep
I am not a Collie; I’d sooner eat your livestock than protect them
I am not a Poodle; Don’t you dare tie a ribbon around my head!!
I am a HUSKY and I’m ALL business
I’ve been this way for over a thousand years, so if you have convinced
yourself that you can ‘mould’ me, I can assure you that you are
mistaken. If you don’t see my traits fitting in with your life, maybe we
should just call it quits right here and now!
If you are up to the challenge, and our lifestyles are compatible, I
promise to improve your life tenfold. If you are nothing like me, and
blindly enter into this partnership, I can make you wish we’d never met.
I come from a proud family of working dogs.
It is YOU who needs to earn MY respect

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