Babar, 6yo French Hound

Bonnie Babar arrived with us after being adopted from France. Babar could not settle in his new home and we were asked to find him a new home by the French rescue. Babar was found as a stray in the south of France back in November and adopted and transported to Scotland in early April.

Babar is very shy, particularly around men, and will not come near new people. He is happy to be petted once he gets to know you. Whomever adopts Babar will likely have to meet him a few times before he’ll be ready to go to his nice quiet new home. Being a scenthound Babar can never be allowed off lead in a public place, he will follow his nose for days, so we would like a nice secure garden to allow him to get off lead exercise.

Babar loves other dogs, he will play and play so a companion would be nice for him, we were advised by the French Rescue that he likes cats but the cats should be dog savvy.

Babar has not had a lot of exposure to children so we would prefer quiet teenagers only in his new home, especially until he gains a bit more confidence around new people.

Come and meet Babar
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