Ziva, 9mo Husky x Spaniel

Ziva was rehomed by PADS back in June but has been returned due to her destructive tendancies, Ziva can not, for the forseeable future, be left alone.

Ziva is a sweet girl but as you might imagine from her breeding she is incredibly high energy and in turn seems to have a short attention span! An experienced dog owner would be preferred and perhaps another dog in the home to keep her company. Ziva needs a calm environment and would need her own private garden to romp around in.

The family that had her made progress with her lead manners but there’s work still to be done and we believe a training class would be good for her as this will also help her impulse control around other dogs – she loves other dogs, but a little too much! As a Husky can’t be trusted offlead, nor can Ziva.

Ziva has been around children but we think children 10+ would be more suited to her.

Ziva hasn’t been around cats and given her high energy levels we’re not sure cats would like her in their home.

Come and meet Ziva
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