Peaches, elderly Papillon

Found a home

Peaches came into the kennels due to her owners poor health, she’s spent a lot of time locked in a crate and as a result finds them very stressful.

We were advised she is around 9 years old however the vets believe she may be a bit older. She’s recently had a lot of teeth removed but we don’t have any further information on her health before this.

She’s an independent wee soul, a wee bitty deaf and her eyesight not great she’d be ideally suited to someone looking for a wee pal to dot about the house and garden with, she’ll have a cuddle but isn’t a typical lap dog.

Peaches is ok with other dogs but is not keen on cats. She’s met children without incident but children in her new home would ideally be older and less likely to try to dress her up or pick her up – she would not like that.

Come and meet Peaches
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