Kobi, 2yo GSD x Staffie

Kobi is a young, strong and excitable boy. The family who surrendered Kobi to us were told he was around 1 year old.

Given the two breeds that Kobi is believed to be, he is very smart but also very strong and boisterous. He does not appear to have been well socialised with people and is not keen on other dogs when out and about, although he did live with one. He lived with two cats but did chase them initially.

Kobi likes all the staff here but sometimes barks at new people, although he is getting more content around strangers. He does not like being left alone, he can also open doors so can and will follow you if you don’t lock them!

Kobi especially loves to play with a squeaky ball and will need his own private garden to charge around and do zoomies as at this time he is too unpredictable to be off lead in a public place.

Kobi has coprophagia, which we have been trying to resolve with diet and natural remedies.

Kobi needs further lead and recall training, hence the requirement for a secure and private garden. Kobi is not used to travelling and will drool and shake.

If you’re interested in learning more about Kobi please do contact us, you will be asked to fill in an adoption application form before visiting the kennels.

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