Misty, 3yo Border Collie


Misty has led quite a sheltered life with an owner how suffered from ill health. She’s wary of new people, cats and dogs but can be calmed with gentle reassurance and patience.

Misty is not used to being left on her own and will cry and sometimes toilet in the house due to the stress, any new owner will have to be around much of the time to help her settle in.

Misty loves to play ball and would do it all day given the chance! Her lead walking could be better but she has her own anti-pull harness which her owner found was helpful.

Misty has never lived with children but has met them, as such, children in her new home should be at least 8 years of age, used to and safe around dogs.

Please note that Misty is a young and active dog and will not be suited to those with mobility issues.

Come and meet Misty
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