Scruffy Dog Cider

Scruffy Dog Cider have come up with an amazing fundraising idea where you donate to us and you have a chance to win cider! Read on to find out more…

The idea was developed by Strathearn Cider Company, based near Methven, just 7 miles north-west of us as the crow flies in the beautiful Strathearn Valley. The Scruffy Dog Cider brand was inspired by its owners’ love of dogs.

From this weekend (June 6th) people will be encouraged to walk their dogs for an extra mile, or other length suited to the dog and owner’s level of fitness, during the month of June and on completion, where possible, to make a donation to PADS via

“Our Scruffy Dog Cider brand was inspired by our family dog, Ozzy, whose picture appears on all our labels, and more than ever in these very challenging times, we are keen to support the great work that PADS does,” said George Blues, owner of Strathearn Cider Company. “As a separate part of the initiative, we will be encouraging people to share pictures of themselves and/or their dogs via social media after they have completed their mile and each day of the campaign those who send us a picture will be entered in to a draw to win a case of cider. So we will be giving away 30 cases of cider June in support of the campaign!” 

Share your photos to Strathearn Cider Company on Facebook or Instagram

A fundraising target of £1609.00 – as there are 1609 metres in a mile – has been set for the initiative, which will run from 5th June to 5th July.

To take part in the “Go The Extra Mile for PADS” campaign, 

For further information call George Blues, Strathearn Cider Company, on 07760 275632 or email

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