Katie, 5yo Border Collie

About Katie

Katie has spent her life living in a kennel and is not house trained! She is regularly messy in her kennel.

She is not used to being walked on a lead or groomed and hasn’t had any exposure to traffic, cats, children. She is wary of strangers but sweet as pie with all of the team here, she just needs time to suss you out! She’s very easily spooked by new people.

Katie managed a trip to the vets for her vaccinations and was brave enough to go away with the vet and nurse on her own but lots of army crawling and showing of the tummy displaying her discomfort.

She’s met a few dogs here at the kennels and is always wary to start with, she follows the lead of other dogs in toileting outside.

What kind of home do we need?

Most importantly a garden that is accessed directly from the house, because she will need to be house-trained. The garden will need to be secure and safe, she will take off when frightened so her home and garden will need to be escape proof for now. Someone who is working from home or retired will suit her best.

She has not walked on a lead much, and we’re doing it little and often here to get her used to it. Her new owner will have to spend a bit of time helping her with this, someone with the patience to take it at her pace.

Katie will not be rehomed with children; calm, quiet teenagers may suit her but not if there’s lots of friends visiting regularly.

If you’re interested in learning more about her please contact us, you will be required to fill in an adoption application form before visiting the kennels. Applications will close once we find a suitable applicant.

If you would like to register your interest in adopting a PADS dog please complete an adoption application. You can complete online here or download, complete and return the adoption application form by email or post to:

Adoption Applications, PADS, Forteviot Kennels, Forteviot, Perth, PH2 9BS

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