Bella, 18mo Crossbreed

Bonnie Bella arrived as a stray, we contacted the number on her microchip and sadly her owners had given her up as a puppy and although devastated to learn she was here, acknowledged that they were unable to care for her, so Bella is now looking for a new home.

Bella is a crossbreed, our guess is Staffie x Collie, she looks like a Staffie but moves like a Collie, although she’s the speed of a Whippet so maybe there’s a bit of that in her too! Whatever she is, she is just gorgeous. She appears to have a really sweet nature and enjoys the company of other dogs, she is incredibly strong (for a dog of her size it’s quite spectacular) and she would likely really benefit from obedience classes.

As she was a stray we can’t rehome her to families with children under 12 years of age and we would not recommend rehoming with cats.

Come and meet Bella
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