Trixie, 1yo Border Collie

FOUND A HOME Trixie arrived due to her owners change in working hours, being a Collie, Trixie just wasn’t getting the stimulation and exercise she needs so her owners asked us to help find her the perfect home she deserves. Trixie is happy around other dogs but not really interested in them – she’d rather play ball! She’s never met a cat and is not used to young children, children 7+ are more familiar to her and therefore what we would prefer for her. Trixie has lived in the town and has not been off lead in public place in her life, her new home should have a garden where recall can be practised in a safe environment. Trixie’s lead walking will definitely need training too. Trixie is used to being crated but doesn’t like to be left for hours at a time. Come and meet Trixie
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