Micha, 6yo GSD

Micha arrived following the sudden death of her owner. She has lived with dogs, cats, chickens and ducks when she lived in Spain, Micha was born there.

We were advised that she was good with other dogs but she’s been a bit hit and miss of late.

Micha has dodgy hips, she always has according to family friends, we are giving her joint supplements, pain relief and she’s on a diet to get a bit of excess weight off but this means she’s never going to be a Munro bagger and really needs a chilled life. She’s pretty strong on the lead though so needs someone fairly fit. She will need a ground floor property as stairs will likely be troublesome as she ages and she loves to play ball so her own garden would be advantageous too.

Any adopter should note that there will be monthly costs for pain relief and this will not be covered by insurance.

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