Nelly, 3yo French Bulldog

Nelly is reserved.

Nelly came into us after a marriage break-up. She’s lived with children and cats. She is ok with other dogs, as long as there’s no food about!

She loves toys, balls and really LOVES sticks!!

Nelly has ectopic ureters and is therefore incontinent. Her family have sought lots of veterinary advice and surgery and sadly the issue cannot be resolved. She is used to wearing nappies but wearing nappies increases the risk of urinary tract infections so she’s not worn them while with us.

Given the amount of veterinary attention Nelly has had in her short life she is absolutely terrified of the vets and very wary of any strangers trying to touch her.

What kind of home do we need for Nelly?

A garden is a necessity, it should be private, secured (her getting out or someone reaching over to touch her) and attached directly to the house so that she may spend time outdoors without the nappy on. Ideally someone that wouldn’t have to leave her for hours at a time with a nappy on, perhaps someone who is at home most of the day.

The home would ideally have hard flooring such as tiles in an area so that she may have nappy free time. The urine would burn laminate or linoleum.

She could live with another dog but one must be careful around food or toys so it would really depend on the other dog. Children could be considered provided that they are well trained around dogs, Nelly doesn’t like to be grabbed.

Financial stability will be a must, as her condition is pre-existing it will not be covered by insurance and could prove costly.

If you’re interested in learning more about Nelly please contact us, you will be required to fill in an adoption application form before visiting the kennels. Applications will close once we find a suitable applicant.

If you would like to register your interest in adopting a PADS dog please complete an adoption application. You can complete online here or download, complete and return the adoption application form by email or post to:

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