Daisy, 2yo Collie X

About Daisy.

Daisy was surrendered because she mauled a young kitten brought into the home and her behaviour changed towards an older cat who she had lived with since a pup.

Daisy lived with another elderly dog who died but had never met any other dogs before she arrived here. She has bonded with Tyson, the Beagle, and they play beautifully together.

Daisy is learning to love new people, she still isn’t keen on being approached by strangers on lead but off lead here in the yard everyone gets brought a toy! Daisy’s lead manners will require work but she’s not bothered for traffic or trains and hasn’t so far expressed an interest in sheep.

Daisy loves football and other ball games, she is super fast! Incredible for such a wee dog!

What kind of home do we need for Daisy?
Daisy should have a secure and private garden so she can get off lead exercise (FOOTBALL!!) and not be approached by strangers. Given Daisy’s anxiety, Daisy cannot be rehomed with young children, she’d likely be fine with then but may find visiting friends just a bit too much.

If you’re interested in learning more about Daisy please contact us, you will be required to fill in an adoption application form before visiting the kennels.

Applications will close once we find a suitable applicant.

If you would like to register your interest in adopting a PADS dog please complete an adoption application. You can complete online here or download, complete and return the adoption application form by email or post to:

Adoption Applications, PADS, Forteviot Kennels, Forteviot, Perth, PH2 9BS

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